Erarta Restaurant is located at Erarta Museum of Contemporary Art
Address: 2, 29th line, Vasilievsky Ostrov, St. Petersburg, Russia

Gastronomic set inspired by the Best of West solo show

Erarta Restaurant is proud to present a new gastronomic set inspired by the Best of West solo show.

Erarta Restaurant launches a new dining set, inspired by Dean West's solo show.
The famous Australian photographer has collaborated with such international brands as SONY, Disney, MTV and a lot more. He became known for his complex and detailed works that combine both reality and fiction.

Erarta Restaurant chef Artem Grebenshchikov shares such approach to art and also creates his dishes from many elements with the only difference — his masterpieces are edible. The new set features seven courses, each being the chef’s visual and gustatory remake and dedication to a particular photo from Dean West’s solo show.


• sun dried tomatoes / avocado cream / artichoke ice cream 
• octopus / pear sorbet
• scallops / cauliflower cream / mushroom jus
• duck / cherry / red cabbage cream / crunchy beets
• filet mignon / salsify / carrot / hazelnuts
• Bombay Sapphire
• rum baba / raspberry / passion fruit cream

The price of the gastronomic set is 3,500 rubles or 5,000 rubles including the accompanying wines (3,000 rubles and 4,500 rubles respectively for Erarta Annual Pass Holders). The price also includes a visit to Best of West photo show and a ticket to the Erarta Museum of Contemporary Art.

Gastronomic set is available every Friday night
Reservation is required: +7 (812) 334-68-96